Aloe Vera May Help Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy
I grew up in the scorching summer sun of Redding, California.  Despite my mothers diligence in bathing me in sun screen, an early summer sun burn seemed an annual rite of passage.  On went the soothing aloe vera extract to help relieve the sting.

The aloe vera plant has a very long history as a healing agent.  Historians find evidence of its use as far back as the 10th century.  Recently, this ancient medicament has become popular as an ingredient in tooth pastes and gels.

A study published in the Academy of General Dentistry's peer reviewed journal, General Dentistry, suggested aloe vera is an effective ingredient in tooth gels.  The study compared the germ fighting ability of an aloe vera based tooth gel to two commercially popular tooth pastes.  It found that the
aloe vera gel was just as effective, and at times more effective fighting cavities.

And, because it is far less abrasive than most tooth pastes, it may be a good alternative for those suffering from sensitive teeth and gums.

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