Researchers at the University of Washington and  the American Academy of Oral Medicine recently published the encouraging results of a study that showed licorice extract can help canker sores heal faster. 

CankerMelts, an over the counter patch containing licorice extract, was used in the study.  It was developed by Jeff Haley, a Mercer Island scientist who has long suffered from recurring canker sores.

This natural herb has also been used in the past to treat stomach ulcers, and is still advocated by some to promote healthy stomach and intestinal linings.

In the last issue of our newsletter, we talked about the difficulty in understanding what exactly brings about these painful ulcers (see Canker Sores article).  The cause is likely different for each of us afflicted, and can range from genetics to allergies.  Stress and illness are known, potent triggers.

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle may help to keep outbreaks in check.

CankerMelts are available for about $8 for a box of twelve patches.  You can find them at most pharmacies, including Rite Aid and Bartells. 

Canker Sores - Licorice Extract May Help