The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the most common group of viruses we know.  It generally has an affect on the skin and inner tissue linings of our bodies.
HPV includes about 100 different strains of viruses.  Four strains have been identified as a cause of cervical cancer and genital warts.  A recently developed vaccine is now recommended as a preventative treatment against cervical cancer.

Reserachers recently discovered a link between HPV and oral squamous cell carcinoma, the most common malignant mouth cancer.  A study at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center indicated that nearly 25% of these mouth cancers may be linked to HPV.

While further research is needed, experts speculate that the number of people who get mouth cancer can be reduced if the vaccinations against HPV are more universally available.

Oral cancers affect over 30,000 people each year. They can occur in any part of the mouth, tongue, lips, throat or salivary glands.  They have a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer or cervical cancer.

At each of your routine examination appointments, Dr. Cooper looks carefully at your mouth for early signs of oral cancer.  Our office also employs the Velscope, an advanced cancer screening technology that adds to our chance of early detection.

Virus May Be a Cause of Oral Cancer