Self expression comes in many forms, and may include an oral piercing.  This very trendy (and thankfully fading) fashion statement can lead to various oral and whole body health risks.

These piercings most commonly involve the tongue, but many are placed in the lip and cheeks, and even in the uvula (the dangling tissue at the back of the throat).

At times placed without anesthesia, the risk of permanent nerve damage, excessive bleeding and infection are significant. Swelling and allergic reactions are also possible.  In extreme cases, swelling can be bad enough to obstruct the airway.  Jewelry that comes loose can easily be swallowed, or worse, breathed into the airway and lungs.

We often see irreversible damage to gum tissue and enamel on front teeth as a result of a pierced tongue.  Corrective procedures to repair the damage can be time consuming and costly.

Tread Cautiously
You can probably guess that
I recommend against oral piercing.  If you really feel you must, please seek a licensed, experienced, well trained and qualified piercing specialist.   To avoid potentially catastrophic consequences, piercing requires an in depth understanding of oral anatomy and surgical concepts, and should be provided by a well trained, experienced individual.
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