Orthodontics-When Should Kids Get Braces?
Parents often ask-When should we think about braces for the kids?  Generally, we want to catch problems before kids stop growing.  Traditionally we waited for all or most of the permanent teeth to be in.  But, for many problems, treating kids as early as 7 years old can often make an otherwise very difficult problem much more manageable, and potentially less costly.

The key to successfully treating bad bites and crooked teeth is addressing problems at the proper time during growth.  Missing this window often means more complicated and costly treatment, and often less than ideal results.

Many orthodontic issues can, and should, wait until a child is a pre teen or even a teen.  However, problems such as crowded teeth, teeth that stick out or uneven jaw growth are better treated earlier in a child's life.   This concept, called
"Interceptive Orthodontics", works by encouraging proper jaw growth rather than manipulating teeth within the jaw.  (For those fans of Alex Trebec, we're talking about orthopedic rather than orthodontic treatment.) 

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