Gum Recession - Why Me?! (1 of 4)
Gum recession is, unfortunately, an all too common problem.  In general, there are two primary reasons that we get it:
  1. Bacterial Infections.
  2. Thin, fragile gum tissue.
Bacterial Infections
The first of these two reasons, bacteria, is the cause of gum disease, more formally called periodontal disease. This is an aggressive disease that destroys not only gum, but the bone that supports teeth in the jaw.   It is the primary reason people lose teeth.   To make it worse, it is often a disease that we don't "feel" until it has progressed quite far.

Gums that are red and bleed easily are often a sign of this disease.  Bad breath and loosened teeth can also occur.  Spaces that appear between your teeth, a specific sign of gum loss, or loose teeth that have moved, are also things you may see.

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The middle two teeth show significant gum recession.