Cavities are caused when acid releasing, sugar eating bacteria take control of our mouths.  A cavity is literally a hole dissolved into a tooth, and is infested with these bacteria. 

Months or years before a hole develops, the process of tooth decay has already begun.  A tooth "decays" by slowly losing its minerals, primarily calcium and phosphate.  We call this process "demineralization".

In its early stages, it is possible to reverse the process of tooth decay before a cavity develops.

The process of repairing early tooth decay is called "remineralization".  It involves reducing the bad bacteria, and encouraging the tooth to re-absorb lost calcium and phosphate. 

Remineralization Protocol
In our office, we recommend a specific, sequenced therapy that incorporates a combination of prescription anti microbial rinses, Calcium-Phosphate paste and in office applied fluoride, as well as over the counter fluoride rinses and xylitol based chewing gum.

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