I am often asked which supplements are most helpful for teeth and gums.  Minerals and vitamins should be included as part of a well balanced diet, and will help our bodies resist infections.  The presence of too much or too little of any nutrient can be harmful, and can contribute to oral disease and infection.

Which vitamins and minerals affect oral health?
Many vitamins and minerals are crucial to our entire body's health.  The following are some that are important to optimal oral health:
   Calcium-Too little in our diet may lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  Iron-A deficiency can lead to an inflamed tongue and mouth sores.
  Vitamin B3-Too little can lead to mouth sores and bad breath.
  Vitamin B12 and B2-Too little can lead to mouth sores and weak gums.
  Vitamin C-Too little will lead to bleeding gums and loose teeth.
   Vitamin D-Too little will not allow proper calcium absorption, as well as a condition
   called Burning Mouth Syndrome.

When restrictions prohibit you from getting sufficient amounts from your diet, a good multi-vitamin with minerals is generally useful for most people.  Consult your physician for what is best for you.

Which Vitamins and Minerals are Good for Teeth?