A recent study published in the International Association of Dental Research looked at how the "good" bacteria in yogurt may help fight bad breath.  

All of us at some time have suffered from bad breath.  For some, it can be a persistent problem that causes embarrassment and impacts social and employment opportunities.  One of the most common causes is bacteria that build up on the tongue and in saliva, and release a sulfur like gas. 
Live cultured yogurt seems to counter these "bad" bacteria, with "good" bacteria, an idea called probiotics.

In the study, a group of individuals were asked to avoid any foods made with live cultures, like yogurt, cheese, pickled vegetables and sour cream.  After a few weeks, researchers looked at each person's saliva and tongue.  They counted the bad bacteria and measured the amount of sulfur like gas present.  Participants then ate 3 ounces of unsweetened yogurt two times per day for six weeks.

In the end,
researchers found an 80% reduction in sulfur like gas, reduced plaque levels, and an improvement in gum health.

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